Jun. 6, 2023
These case study reports focuses on “worst case” scenarios for release of toxic chemicals in settings across California. The reports addresses a series of ten questions that draw out local details in a manner that encourages comparison with other places. The research has been done quickly (within the constraints of a quarter-long undergraduate class) so is limited to and points to the need for further research and community engagement. The goal is to help build both a body of research on enviro (...)
The Remote Sensation of Disintegration
Experimental film exploring Louisiana’s ecological bodies and their segregation by extractivism—the process of extracting natural resources from the Earth to sell on the world market—witnessed from the water of the Mississippi River, the sky over Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, and satellites accessed from a computer in London. An ongoing work, the film is formed from a variety of materials including images from research trips, oil industry datasets, and audio recording reflecting on the knowledg (...)