Jun. 6, 2023
Mesa Contaminações: confusão das fronteiras [Campus Antropoceno Brasil]
Com o desenvolvimento histórico das ideias de indivíduo e autonomia, construímos um mundo com limites bem estabelecidos, ainda que toda entidade mantenha uma relação constitutiva com seu entorno. Em tempos de catástrofe climática, quando observamos a proliferação de efeitos locais em escala global, precisamos nos perguntar quais as conexões que se estabelecem entre a diversidade de seres, borrando fronteiras antes fortemente estabelecidas. Que tipos de contágios e contaminações povoam o horizont (...)
Jun. 6, 2023
The Aesthetic Origins of the Anthropocene: An Interview with Jeremy Bolen, Emily Eliza Scott, and Andrew Yang
Jeremy Bolen, Heather Davis, Emily Eliza Scott, and Andrew Yang pooled their efforts to lead Sensing the Insensible: Aesthetics In, Through, and Against the Anthropocene, a group seminar at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt’s (HKW’s) 2016 Anthropocene Curriculum: The Technosphere Issue. In the following conversation, I meet with three of the four conveners to explore how aesthetic and political concerns are embroiled in conceptions of the Anthropocene and how we determine it’s origin. (...)
Jun. 6, 2023
These case study reports focuses on “worst case” scenarios for release of toxic chemicals in settings across California. The reports addresses a series of ten questions that draw out local details in a manner that encourages comparison with other places. The research has been done quickly (within the constraints of a quarter-long undergraduate class) so is limited to and points to the need for further research and community engagement. The goal is to help build both a body of research on enviro (...)
Apr. 4, 2023
Anthropocene Working Group 2009 –
The Anthropocene Working Group (AWG) is an interdisciplinary geoscience research group dedicated to the investigation of the chronostratigraphic reality of the Anthropocene. The AWG was established in 2009 by the Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy (SQS), a component body of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS), the committee that oversees the standards and requirements for the ongoing review and further completion of the geologic time scale. (...)
Shifting Landscapes: Urban Enslavement in Antebellum New Orleans
Students and faculty around the world began to create new virtual and augmented reality projects like Sojourners' Trail - the first interactive, Afrofuturist classroom game. Sojourners' Trail featured a time-traveling framework to explore Black communities at their peak of social and economic vitality, shattering mythologies of intergenerational poverty and dysfunction among African American families. (...)