On the Recuperative Mismanagement of a Cosmopolitan Fish
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To close the opening week of The Shape of a Practice, artists created a convivial meal-at-a-distance with so-called invasive species. From a kitchen in Carbondale, Illinois, artist Sarah Lewison, alongside storyteller and soul food authority Swan Parsons, prepare a meal of Asian carp, opening up questions related to an eco-logic of planetary care and our relationships to habitat. From Berlin and Chicago, artist and biologist Andrew Yang, biologist Florian Rutland and artist Alexandra Toland prep (...)
Mississippi River Open School for Kinship and Social Exchange
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Cahokia, United States
The Mississippi River Open School for Kinship and Social Exchange (2022-2024) is the working title for an expansive educational and research collaboration through the formation of five river hubs spanning the river’s headwaters to the Gulf. Our partners have been working on issues related to the river for years, and an earlier project, ​​Mississippi. An Anthropocene River (2018-2019), ​opened up an opportunity to continue to collaborate on a multi-year project on issues spanning the length of the river.